The Great Bear

Can you name the eight species of bear that exists in the world? They are grizzly, black, polar, giant panda, Asiatic black, sloth, sun and spectacled. The Great Bear Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Missoula, Montana, dedicated to the conservation of the eight species of bears and their habitat around the world. The Foundation was created in 1981 to be a voice for the bears. Bear News is their internationally distributed quarterly newspaper dedicated to increase citizen action, education, and awareness of bear issues. Sign up to receive Bear News.



The Great Bear

By Kathleen Reeder


Teddy Bear soothed my son
as a friend from birth.
Smokey Bear urged that we
take care of the earth.

These animals are smart
so I’d like to share
other lessons we can
learn from the bear….

Be aware and watchful,
protect your young,
Face threats with strength,
so that you live long.

Flow thru the seasons,
take comfort in solitude.
Have firmness of purpose,
spirit and fortitude.

Take time to rest,
thru a long winter’s night
Emerging in the spring,
with an appetite!

Bears are playful,
as are we
We can learn from them,
I hope you see.

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