“A clear and concise overview of wildlife photography”

Your photography workshops are unique. Even before I had registered for a workshop, you were responding to my emails. I had many questions from the technical to the philosophical. You always answered promptly with thoughtful and detailed responses. During the workshop you made sure I was getting what I wanted and needed by personal attention and by spending extra time beyond the workshop schedule. I particularly appreciated that you provided instructional materials and a webinar prior to the workshop. It far exceeded the instruction in any other workshop I have attended. The workshop itself was well organized and you structured our class sessions to be great learning opportunities to support our photo sessions. I also very much appreciate having your book. It's a clear and concise overview of wildlife photography and I carry it with me in my camera bag and continue to use it as a reference. Most of all I thank you for your sensitivity to wildlife and your approach to photographing them in respectful ways.

Mary Beth Montgomery


Mary Beth Montgomery

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