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21 Oct 2021

How to Take a Photo Thru Glass

Use a macro lens with a short minimum focus distance (< 12 inches) Set shutter speed to synch with flash (1/200s or 1/250s) If you and the subject are both indoors, use external flash (not pop up) Use the in-built bounce card or attach a diffuser Place your lens on the glass – straight on, not at an angle Take a picture and check the histogram. If the subject is too bright, increase the f-stop. If the subject is too…

04 Oct 2017

How to Take a Photo Through a Fence

Use at least 300 mm lens focal length. Use Aperture Priority or Manual Exposure Mode. Set the aperture to f/4 – f/6.3 and shutter speed to 1/500s. Set ISO to 800. Use Auto Focus and the Continuous or AI Servo setting. Set Auto Focus Area Mode to Single or Spot. Find a shaded area of the fence. Place the lens as close to the fence as possible. Place the focus point on the animal’s eyes or face. Sample photos through…