Surprise Your Friends with an Amazing New Photo Website

Now is the time to unlock your photos and showcase them for your friends and family!  With SmugMug, a superior photo platform tool, and my expert help, you will have a beautiful website that you can be proud to share in as little as ONE DAY!

You’re invited to visit two new photo websites I recently built using SmugMug.  Each website is contemporary, and has its own uniqueness and individual flare.  And just as important, the websites are all built using responsive web design, which means the website layout adjusts for optimal viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, including traditional PCs, smartphones and tablet devices.

Take a look! I would love to help you launch your special website.  Read more about my website service.

Carol Gray


Carol says: “Kathleen set up my website in a day. It was clean, efficient and she obviously knew what she was doing. She has also made herself available
to me post-initial set-up with ready help and answers to my questions.  Highly recommended.”

Don and Janice Berman


Don and Janice say: “Anyone looking to ensure that they end up with an exceptional and professional-looking website would do well to enlist Kathleen’s services. Expect the best and you will not be disappointed!”

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