SmugMug is an Excellent Photo Website Solution

logoandtag_0I would love to help you set up a SmugMug website of your very own.  I’ve been using SmugMug for 10 years and I can say with 110% confidence that SmugMug is an excellent photo-sharing website.  Why I do like SmugMug?  The answer is easy.  That is the reason!  SmugMug is easy!   Contact me to talk about your website and how I can help you.  By following the link I provide, you can save 15 – 31% on your subscription, and at the same time will be supporting my small business.

Easy to Begin

It was easy to start.  When I signed up for SmugMug, I wasn’t in the business of photography, nor did I have a desire to be in the business of photography.  I was photographing landscape, people and vacations as a hobby, and had a full-time corporate job.  I wanted to put my favorite photos online to share them with friends and family and wanted a simple website that would require no technical knowledge.  A friend suggested SmugMug, which was available for free at the time (for basic functionality), so I signed up.  After I added a couple of photo galleries and shared some links with friends, I actually forgot I had even set it up.  Work and other priorities… life.  Probably 2 years later, I had a hard drive crash at home, logged into SmugMug and to my relief, the photos I had lost on my hard drive were sitting safely in my SmugMug account.  So I started adding photos SmugMug, because then I saw it as a good online backup.

Easy to Learn and Grow

I watched as new functions, templates and features were being added to SmugMug.  Little by little I started trying out new functions, evolving from an amateur to professional photographer, with my website growing with me.  Over the years I have become very proficient using SmugMug, like one does with intuitive software tools.  The learning curve was truly organic.  It’s kind of surprised me, because I never intended to be a “website person”.  I’m not a software developer.

Easy Company With Whom to Work

I have never felt pressured or over-marketed-to by SmugMug.  It drives me crazy to see continual version upgrades from some of my favorite software/hardware vendors, to be notified constantly and then be forced to upgrade.  In 10 years, I can remember only one time that SmugMug went through a major version upgrade and required customers to migrate – ONE time in 10 years. Otherwise, the upgrades have been transparent to me, becoming visible when I go looking for the latest features or a specific function.  SmugMug has allowed me to grow at my pace, not theirs.

Am I still a SmugMug customer?  Absolutely!  All of my portfolios are housed on SmugMug.  I think it’s a lifetime relationship.

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3 thoughts on “SmugMug is an Excellent Photo Website Solution”

  1. Sure, I’ll try Smugmug if you think it’s good and if it’s not too expensive. How do I get the discount you mentioned?
    You book, “Capturing the Moment” just arrived today.
    I’m looking forward to your workshop with Pearl’s Photo Group from the RV Park in Apache Junction.
    It’s a great day to be alive!!

    • Bets,
      That’s awesome. I think you’ll find it affordable. The discount is applied when you click the SmugMug link in my blog post or the SmugMug link on the right column on my blog page. There are 4 plans that you’ll see when you go the link: Basic, Power, Portfolio and Business. The Basic plan is $3.34/mo when billed annually (or $5/month), which is a great place to start. You can always upgrade if/when you want more functionality. The Basic plan offers the 15% discount.

      I’m glad you’re a member of Pearl’s Photo Group! You will have a great day at Wildlife World Zoo in Feb, then at Phoenix Zoo a week later.

      Many thanks for supporting my small business.