Secrets of Water

Secrets of Water

By Kathleen Reeder

Fall colors, Cool air, blue skies, light breeze on my skin,
The creek luring me with a melody of calming music,
Brooks babbling, waterfalls splashing, tumbling and gushing,
Shimmering, glittering and reflecting warm sunlight,
Softly whispering secrets to those who are listening,


I’m here, I’m listening…………
The water reveals the Tree of Life,
With deep roots hugging the shoreline,
Full of branches and leaves evolving in constant sensual motion,
Moving with a seductive rhythm, a free-flowing being,
Be patient, stay with her, look deeper, at her pace,


I’m here, I’m patient,
The water reveals an owl,
Showing infinite wisdom and awareness of my presence,
There all along, reflecting my spirit, my oneness,
Spending time with me, showing me gifts,
Seducing me with her secrets of water.


Photo Credit: Shane McDermott. To see more of Shane’s work and offerings, visit Shane McDermott Photography.

46 thoughts on “Secrets of Water”

  1. Loved the poem Kathleen and it made me want to grab my camera and head to Sedona or the Oregon Coast..i would change anything regarding the newsletter..

  2. Beautiful narrative, heartwarming poem, looking forward to more, thank you so very much for sharing your talent.

    • I agree, his image is award-winning. I’m very grateful to Shane for sharing his talent.

  3. Kathleen,
    Beautiful prose in your poem. Made me feel like I was there experiencing standing next to the water. I’ve seen that photo before, it’s very dramatic and beautiful. Like your new idea and looking forward to more.

    • Thank you Ken! I love that you felt like you were there and appreciate that you like the new idea!

  4. Beautifully creative poem! I love the title “Nature’s Heartbeat” and look forward to more! The process makes so much sense for all of us to do. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Joseph Campbell
    ” The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

  5. Wonderful stuff, Kathleen. Twice the work but twice as nice! The words and the photo work very well together! I’m looking forward to your next message.

  6. Wow!…beautiful image… amazing poem…together they bring a new feeling and level to the art of photography. It is like pairing a delicious meal with the perfect glass of wine, or experiencing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons through words and image.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Your idea is brilliant, and your poem is beautiful and inspirational.
    Thank you for sharing your creative mind and heart!

  8. ‘I am here…..’ so often we are ‘present’ but not actually ‘here’ ! Great vision and expression.



  9. Beautiful, heartfelt & moving! Great marriage of vision & word. Looking forward to future posts!

  10. I enjoyed your newsletter. It gives me inspiration to do more with my photography. Thank you.

  11. Kathleen love the poem & image is beautiful ! I have also started writing some poetry lately in connection to photos & experiences I have had in Nature
    Iam trying to live in the present
    So when I saw this E- mail it spoke to me Thank you for sharing

  12. Beautiful, heartfelt poem and image. Inspiration on wing and creativity from the eyes of an owl.

  13. I’m already looking forward to these creative inspirations. Its abolustely touching. I feel like I’m there with my senses -and my heart – wide open to take in the world. I’m very excited for your next newsletter and look forward to it immensely. Thank you for sharing. ????

    • Thank you so much McKenzie! I feel your heart being wide open, embracing all that comes your way, and am thankful to be a part of it.

  14. Love the combination of photography and poetry. Keep up the good work. Shane is great.

  15. I very much enjoyed the photo and the poem, and it is just the kind of thing I also like to do. Nature offers unending gifts to our senses and to our spirits. Thanks for sharing and do keep it up! We all need more connection to the mother of us all, Mother Nature!

  16. Thank you very much my friend! The last poem I had written was when we graduated from Cal Poly!