My Cheetah Instincts

My Cheetah Instincts

By Kathleen Reeder


I am a cheetah individual in Botswana,
Always alert, vigilant, courageous, never wasteful,
Creating energy waves as I purposefully and freely move,
Honoring my gifts of speed, agility and beauty,
Trusting my place on Mother Earth as a solitary being,
Comfortable, secure and energized by my essence,
Savoring the shade of a tree on a hot day,


I am a mother of four cubs,
Witness to their sacred birth and existence,
Sharing love freely and fostering playfulness,
Teaching survival skills and rituals to bond us,
Ever present to the dangers that lurk around us,
Protecting them and not allowing anything to go wrong,
They are the essence of me and together we are one,


An impala… shared, relished and appreciated,
Filling our bellies today, for tomorrow it will have been taken,
I am mindful and care of only today,
My heartbeat is calm, rested and one with nature,
Fully aware of every moment,
Never denying nature’s loving voice and vibrations,
Always trusting my cheetah instincts.


16 thoughts on “My Cheetah Instincts”

    • So Beautiful, Kathleen, Poem, Captures and the Beauty you present as a Person….You Go Girl!

  1. Beautiful imagery! Reading your poem my heart opened up with love and I have been reminded me of how truly blessed we are to share life with these creatures. Please keep writing these poems so we can pause and feel that we were there with you sharing an amazing moment of your life.


  2. Hi Kathleen.
    Your poem inspired me to write one too:

    Across the grassland she can see
    that frightened the Impala flee.
    But she is hungry for a chase
    and ready for a deadly race.
    And she is fast and she is swift
    endowed with a genetic gift
    that gives her stamina and speed
    and much power to succeed.
    On that the cheetah does depend
    for a satisfying end.

  3. So wonderfully written! You invite the reader into the life of a cheetah and end with the embodiment of life’s value of the ever present moment. Your poem’s are an awakening for the soul. Thank you Kathleen for opening your heart and sharing what we all need to hear.

  4. Kathleen, I love that your poetry gives me a palpable image and sensory response! Instant heat and energy waves shimmering as they escape from the cat’s body. Sensual, powerful, mesmerizing and insatiable!

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift that takes me where I can’t go.
    Mary Barsotti-Brown

  5. Hit it out of the park! Your photos tell a touching story, but your words fill in the blanks. That’s a worthy objective, achieved.