Learn How to Sell Your Photos

If you want to sell your photos, then I recommend the following two books.  They’re well worth the price.

1.  Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos, 6th Edition, Rohn Engh & Mikael Karlsson

2.  Photographer’s Market 2017, 40th Annual Edition, F+W Media

My Review of the Books

1.  Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos, 6th Edition, Rohn Engh & Mikael Karlsson

This book provides a useful approach to determining which of your photos are marketable.  The key is not whether an image is an appealing photograph or a contest winner, but rather whether it is MARKETABLE.  By answering the questions in the book, you will identify the intersection of where your interests meet what is most marketable, which will lead you to know your target market.  The authors outline their principle for producing marketable photos every time: Picture equals Background plus Person(s) plus Symbol plus Involvement. (Picture=B+P+S+I) This book has definitely helped me narrow down which photos I should submit to stock agencies and it can help you too.

2.  Photographer’s Market 2017, F+W Media

This book is a must have reference book.  I have put post-it notes throughout the book and am referencing it regularly.  It outlines consumer publications, newspapers, trade publications, book publishers, greeting card product companies, stock photo agencies, advertising markets, galleries, art fairs, contests and more. Included in the price of the book is a free 1-year subscription to ArtistsMarketOnline.com.

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