Inspiration from the Eagle

Inspiration from the Eagle

By Kathleen Reeder


Soaring majestically with grace,

With commanding courage and strength,

Carrying our prayers and dreams on its wings,

On the bridge between heaven and earth.


The chief over all winged creatures,

Alert with keen sight and no fear,

Our symbol for personal freedom,

To choose when to fight or to take flight.


Spread your wings… soar as the eagle,

Expand your view… stretch your limits,

Ride the storm’s fierce wind waves and be brave,

You have purpose… go explore and grow.


But… remain grounded to the earth,

Be honest and own your actions,

Conserve energy and be patient,

Maintain life’s harmony and balance.





17 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Eagle”

  1. Beautiful! Your words once again captured your breathtaking images. Always a pleasure seeing your work, both visual & written! Thank you for sharing your talents!

    • Kathleen the poem was wonderful it hE success great meaning. Love your photos, they are beautiful. I love the idea of your doing a workshop on Eagles.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring poem! Thank you! So appreciate hearing from this aspect of you!

  3. We lived in Kodiak and Anchorage for 27 years and experienced a lot of what you captured. You did an excellent job of capturing those wonderful birds. Thank you for sharing! This would be a wonderful experience for anyone interested. The different times of the year provide different experiences and perspectives. All wonderful as you have exhibited.

  4. Your eagle images are so beautiful! I am so glad you found and loved Homer like I just did this past summer. Since I was there for a family reunion I was unable to go after the photographic images I would have, and none of them would have been as wonderful as these of your eagles. It is wonderful to see what you captured! That entire area is filled with wonder.

  5. How beautiful and inspiring. Your words add such depth and meaning to your incredible images!

  6. Well written and well viewed, Kathleen! You are top shelf!!
    Thanks for sharing…..

  7. Beautiful! Words that describe this majestic bird! As do the the images!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind feedback. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my creative voice with you.