How To Make A Fence Disappear

Is there a fence in your way? No problem! Use these camera settings to make the fence disappear in your photograph.

  1. Use the longest focal length of your telephoto lens. If you are able to put the lens within an inch or two from the fence, a 100mm focal length will work. The farther away you are from the fence, the longer the focal length you will need to make the fence disappear. Generally, if you are a few feet away from the fence, then a 400-600mm focal length will be necessary.
  2. Put the lens physically as close to the fence as possible.
  3. Use the maximum aperture or largest lens opening, which is the smallest f-stop (f/2.8 – f/6.3).
  4. The animal must be at least a few feet away from the fence between you to make the fence disappear in your photo.
  5. Do not use flash.
  6. Use Auto Focus Mode Continuous (C) or AI Servo. If you find that your camera fights to try to focus on the fence, then change Auto Focus Mode to Single.
  7. Use Auto Focus Area Mode Single, Spot or a Small # of Focus Points.
  8. Avoid areas of the fence that are in the direct sun; instead look for shaded fence areas.
  9. Place the camera’s focus point on the animal’s eyes or face.
  10. If the camera focuses on the fence, physically move the camera a little to bypass the fence.

One thought on “How To Make A Fence Disappear”

  1. Kathleen,

    I visited Out of Africa today while in the area based on your photos of the park. Try as I might I could not get the fences to disappear in my photos–probably because the critters were too close to the fence. Even so, I must say, your photography of the Out of Africa animals in their enclosures is amazing! I so wish your 11/2-3 workshop wasn’t full… I would love to be able to get photos half as amazing as yours!