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If You Can Bring One Lens Only

If you could bring only ONE lens from your camera bag to a wildlife photo outing, which one would you choose? With wildlife photography, your biggest, longest focal length lens or your telephoto lens is not always the best choice. Consider the following when choosing the right lens:

  • Size of the subject. For small subjects, use a short focal length.
  • Distance the subject is from you. For subjects far away from you, use a longer focal length so that the subject is of reasonable size in the frame.
  • How much of the subject’s environment you want included. For attractive environments, use a shorter focal length. To minimize the environment or blur it in the photo, use a longer focal length lens.
  • Whether there is a fence between you and your subject. Use a long focal length lens to make a fence disappear in a photo.

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Lens Focal Length

Aquarium Fish



Small Mammals





Medium to Large Mammals close by

24-70 mm

7 0-400mm

Medium to Large Mammals far away
Birds in flight


Mammals behind a fence


Small birds from a blind


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