21 Oct 2021

How to Take a Photo Thru Glass

Use a macro lens with a short minimum focus distance (< 12 inches) Set shutter speed to synch with flash (1/200s or 1/250s) If you and the subject are both indoors, use external flash (not pop up) Use the in-built bounce card or attach a diffuser Place your lens on the glass – straight on, not at an angle Take a picture and check the histogram. If the subject is too bright, increase the f-stop. If the subject is too…

07 Jul 2021

Photographing at Wildlife Parks and Zoos

Wildlife parks and zoos are an excellent place to observe animal behaviors and master your camera functions. I often get asked about photographing at wildlife parks, and specifically how to take pictures through a fence or glass. This article I wrote provides the answers and will prepare you for success. Published worldwide in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Journal, June 2021. View and Download Article

07 Jul 2021

Select Your Best Photos to Post Process

Consider these elements when culling thru your images to select those to process. 4-Legged Mammals Eyes are tack sharp Catch light in eyes The whites of the eyes are showing Shot is at eye level or below with the animal (not above eye level) No blown-out white highlights on the animal, unless it’s rim light Ears up and facing in the same direction the animal is looking For frontal straight-on shots, the nose is sharp in addition to tack sharp…

09 Nov 2020

Customize Your SmugMug Website

Need some help customizing your SmugMug website? Need a fresh look on your website? If so, I’m available to help you! I charge $150/hour with a 2-hour minimum and I get a lot done very quickly. Custom Home Page Menu Modifications Custom Domain Name and Redirection New/Updated Price List New Offerings VISIT KATHLEEN’S WEBSITE CONTACT KATHLEEN REEDER Some of the Websites – SEE MORE       

17 Nov 2019

African Leopard

This month’s Nature’s Heartbeat is about the African Leopard. I’ve seen many leopards in the Africa bush and each time is a special moment. Their beauty is undeniable. I’m always in awe of them. Unfortunately, as with so much of our wildlife, the African leopard’s primary threat is human activity. Habitat fragmentation, reduced prey base and human-wildlife conflict has greatly reduced its population. Supporting organizations like the African Wildlife Foundation can help. It’s the leading international conservation organization focused exclusively…

12 Oct 2019


This month’s Nature’s Heartbeat is about the African Lion. I’m so impressed by the presence and magnificence of these animals. Lions are one of the most widely recognized animal symbols in human culture, and it’s no wonder why. They are stunning! I’m always in awe to see them. Over a century ago, there were more than 200,000 wild lions in Africa. Now it’s estimated there are between 20,000 – 30,000. Lions have vanished from over 95% of their historic range…

25 Aug 2019

A Cougar

This month’s Nature’s Heartbeat is about mountain lions, living in 21 of 23 countries in the Americas. Because of the vast range it occupies, it holds the Guinness world record for the animal with the greatest number of names. It has over 40 names in English alone including America’s lion, mountain lion, cougar, puma and panther. The Mountain Lion Foundation believes the status of the mountain lion population is virtually unknown and very much in question. Every day, our remaining…

24 Jun 2019

The Great Bear

Can you name the eight species of bear that exists in the world? They are grizzly, black, polar, giant panda, Asiatic black, sloth, sun and spectacled. The Great Bear Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Missoula, Montana, dedicated to the conservation of the eight species of bears and their habitat around the world. The Foundation was created in 1981 to be a voice for the bears. Bear News is their internationally distributed quarterly newspaper dedicated to increase citizen action,…

08 May 2019

The Mighty Tiger

Tigers teach us to trust our instincts and act swiftly when needed. They show us the value of focus, patience and the element of surprise. This month’s poem is in honor of these beautiful creatures. Let me know what you think. Tigers are estimated to have walked the earth for nearly 2 million years, yet 96% of their numbers have disappeared in the last century. There is only an estimated 3,890 tigers in the wild; all of them could fit…

05 Apr 2019

Inspiration from the Eagle

Inspiration from the Eagle By Kathleen Reeder   Soaring majestically with grace, With commanding courage and strength, Carrying our prayers and dreams on its wings, On the bridge between heaven and earth.   The chief over all winged creatures, Alert with keen sight and no fear, Our symbol for personal freedom, To choose when to fight or to take flight.   Spread your wings… soar as the eagle, Expand your view… stretch your limits, Ride the storm’s fierce wind waves…