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SmugMug Websites

Custom SmugMug Website Design & Implementation

Get a custom SmugMug photo website for your beautiful images or take your existing SmugMug website to the next level. I am a Certified SmugMug Customizer and will build or update your website, and provide training and phone support. By purchasing a SmugMug subscription through my affiliation you'll be supporting my small business.

Get started!

For a website makeover, hire me on an hourly basis. $150/hour with a 2 hour minimum. I work quickly and get a lot done!

For brand new sites, I suggest the fixed fee option. Here's what's included:


  • Assistance in selecting the SmugMug plan best suited to meet your needs
  • Website template selection and set up to match your requirements
  • Selection of colors, font, menu options and how photos are shown
  • Galleries, folders and pages created to match your photography niches
  • Customized Home Page
  • 2 Pages in addition to Home Page and Galleries (i.e., About Page, Contact Page)
  • Loading of initial photos to set up the website (limited to about 100 total photos)
  • Walk thru of how to upload additional photos
  • Free access to Kathleen's SmugMug e-Training course
  • Phone/email support for questions and help in using SmugMug for the first three months

Add-On Services

  • Set up of social links (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube) - $25
  • Set up of custom domain name thru GoDaddy - $150
  • Set up of Google Search Console to crawl and index your website - $150
  • Redirection of existing website - $100
  • Additional Pages - $150-300/page, depending on complexity
  • Integration with Lightroom - $200
  • Creation of transparent text watermark to copyright protect your photos - $75
  • Set up Shopping cart, Products to Be Offered and Price List - $150-500, depending on complexity
  • Other web functions billed at $150/hour

SmugMug Websites Designed To Date

Websites Designed

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